Inspirational BodyWork

Not how you move… what moves you! (Pina Bausch)

Exercise and Inspiration.


Body and Mind.


Increase your quality of life through inspirational bodywork.

Having a busy challenging lifestyle and being in great shape is not a contradiction!

Especially during winter time: Get some nice exercise, without stressing you or rushing around.

Enjoy this nice workout for beautifully toned legs & butt!

You have a variety of options to work with me and to enjoy this playful yet highly efficient approach to intelligent bodywork: 


🌼1st Option: monthly basic membership
Get access to all workout videos. As the important point is inspirational and interactive, you can always let me know when you need a special program, or have a special health problem, like frozen shoulder, loose knees, back pain, a weak pelvic floor… or others…. I will be happy to help you to design the optimal inspirational body work plan for you!
20 Euro per month. You can cancel anytime. Get more information and into the program here

🌼2nd Option: monthly membership basic plus one LIVE session with me
Like option #1, with additionally 1 online LIVE solo class per month! You can let me know what you need, and we can work on special exercises, designed only for you! I will send you your individual exercise program we established during the class after the training! This is very precious as I will get to know you better and find more exercises specifically for you. Inspirational not only for you, for me too!!!
50 Euro per month. You can cancel anytime. Get more information and into the program here

🌼3rd Option: online LIVE mat classes. how much fun is this? I give 3 times a week online classes – limited to 6 participants per class. We do them Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week. Depending on your time zone, they take place in the evening (Europe) or in the morning (United States). Let’s get connected and have fun. You find them here 

🌼4th Option: One-to-one online Pilates Classes with me.


🌼5th Option: Once or twice a year Do the MOON detox. The reset button! Regenerate. Rejuvenate. Get in your BEST SHAPE EVER!

🌼Ok, the 6th Option: not online, but in the same room, together. Workshop or personal training. Contact me to make a plan!

I am happy to hear from you!

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