Inspirational BodyWork

Voilà: Exclusive: the MOON to MOON detox! 

Hello and welcome to my playground!

What does Inspirational BodyWork mean?

“…being in the NOW… developing your full potential… increasing charisma and energy… your natural beauty…  being authentic, true to yourself… adapting and being in the flow… living your essence… balance and sacred space…”

My approach is nourished by over 20 years of teaching experience and ongoing research and passion: martial arts, dance, pilates and dance therapy. All these wonderful methods have in common: connecting body & soul and being in the present moment.

Not how you move… what moves you! (Pina Bausch)
Increase your quality of life through inspirational bodywork.

For any questions or suggestions
or for becoming a member and enjoying personalized bodywork online please get in touch with me (we will start in April)

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