Hello and Welcome!

As I am writing these lines, I am looking at gorgeous mountains, forests, flowers… enjoying nature and being inspired by her. I am trying to finish my book – but easily distracted by the beauty around me.

While I am all for connecting with universe, I cannot help laughing whenever a “new discovery” is published as huge sensation! Recently scientists took a picture of a black hole. So funny! And yesterday an Adventure to Moon with an un-manned thing crashed just before even getting onto her. Talk about analogy…

This one is for you, to explore universe in yourself:

Beauty above me.
Beauty below me.
Beauty before me.
Beauty behind me.
I walk in Beauty.

Navajo (Diné) Prayer

I am currently working on my workshop schedule for 2019. I would be delighted to hear from you if you are planning to offer workshops in your community/studio/wellness retreat. Please contact me directly here

Possible topics:
Natural Alignment
MOON detox (spa/wellness program)
Pilates Workshops for Teachers and Pilates Students

How to connect with Universe? Please find more info here

Please note: As you’ll need some time to prepare, to make sure your customized MOON Kit can be sent to you in time and as availabilities are strictly limited, registration will be closed 6th of March 2019!

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