MOON detox



Your ONLINE Retreat!

we start on Wednesday, 6th of September 2017  more details about how this program works!
we’ll synchronize with the phases of the moon into the natural cycle of letting go and reemerging into the light with new energy!

special body exercises, dietary adjustments, meditations, visualisations for each and every day of this powerful transition.

in synchronicity with the phases of the moon this journey will lead us through four phases

phase I   Letting Go
phase II  Transformation
phase III Connection
phase IV Completion

this is the perfect moment!

this MOON cycle will change your life!

a reset to be fully present, to be in your best possible shape ever, and to vibrate and resonate with your strongest energy!

longterm effect of the MOON detox:

one MOON cycle’s duration – 29 or 30 days – allows you to let go of habits which do not serve you any longer! it provides the open space for new experiences.

push the reset button and get in tune with your organism.


some of the measurable immediate effects on the body:

  • reduction of body fat
  • increase of strength and flexibility
  • reduction of low inflammation
  • reduction of chronic pain
  • stress resiliance
  • increase of energy
  • hormonal balance: women AND men!

in order to track the beneficial effects of this detox I recommend doing a blood test before and after! the blood test helps as well to determine which supplements you need!

special edition:
MOON detox
one MOON cycle for a NEW YOU

daily step by step guided version:
we evolve and transform in tune with the cycle of the moon

food for your body, food for your soul:
recipes, body work and guided meditations!

online support:
i will be personally supporting your transition! you can contact me any time!

exclusive member access to a hidden page of this website:
i will send you the key several days before we start!

all media, exercises, recipes, meditations, shopping lists, surprise live events…

exclusive offer
MOON detox
one MOON cycle for a NEW YOU
special edition 249,- €

your MOON diary, optional, you can use any notebook of your choice: amazon! this link goes to the usa store, check into amazon of your country to get free shipment!

aroma therapy – a pleasant part of the MOON detox
getting rid of cellulite? yes!
more details about how this program works!

sign up here:

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