The Butterfly Woman

This is for you. You wonderful woman. Your kids have kids on their own. You did it all. Your experience and your inner glow are shining. Let yourself not bury under chores which they can do wonderfully by themselves. Don’t waste your time. You are so important when you tell your stories, when you share the treasures of a life lived to the fullest with them.

Let your inspiration be the guidance for your tribe, your family. Pollinate them with your wisdom and your wonderful energy.

Love to you!

Neck & Shoulder Alignment

Hello and Welcome!

This coming wednesday, June 19, 2019, I will teach an online workshop at 9 p.m. Paris Time. Means noon in California, and 3 pm in New York. It will be 30 minutes of Bliss.

Please contact me directly for all details!

Sitting in Front of a Screen

online workshop about “align yourself naturally while sitting in front of a screen”… yes! little tricks to make life more enjoyable. release tension, let go of pain by discovering your natural posture. .

High Parallettes

Today’s ‘5 Minutes with Lola’ are some lovely exercises which look easier than they are. Make sure your Chinese porcelaine is not near you while you perform these… The parallettes are not stable at all.

Transcript: Please start with 10 repetitions for each variation, each side. You can increase and also invent your own movements. Playfulness is key! Keeps you young and healthy!

Knees into Chest – hold for 3 sec each time

Knees back as far as possible – hold for 3 sec each. Alternate this with the previous one. 10 times.

Crescent Pose – Stretches – hold even longer, as long as it feels good.

Walk in Slow Motion on Mars


Have Fun and let me know how it went!

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The Cow in the Now

This week is the week of the voice. Good vibrations, opening the channel for speaking the truth. Authenticity and no fear of being heard and seen.
Yesterday, I sang shamanic songs for a tribe of cows crossing my path into the wild.
They listened, while getting closer and closer. I felt their undiluted attention, open eyes and open ears.
They were pure presence. Pure perception. Absolutely in the NOW.

The Universal Principle of Expansion

Life unfolds beautifully when you let the path create itself while you are walking on it. Expansion is the expression of abundance, of an active connection with your source – allowing you to create inner and outer space, to fly, to explore and to grow.

On a physical level you start in your center. You connect deeply with your base and move on from there…

Beauty above me.
Beauty below me.
Beauty before me.
Beauty behind me.
I walk in Beauty.

Navajo (Diné) Prayer

I am currently working on my workshop schedule for 2019. I would be delighted to hear from you if you are planning to offer workshops in your community/studio/wellness retreat. Please contact me directly here

Possible topics:
Natural Alignment
MOON detox (spa/wellness program)
Pilates Workshops for Teachers and Pilates Students

How to connect with Universe? Please find more info here




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