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whatever happens… see you on your mat!

Please get in touch with Lola directly! Depending on the situation, there will be always online and/or in-studio classes/course available.

online classes. Happening always, lockdown or not….

Pilates with Lola ~ online

Morning Flow with Lola:
Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri 9AM Paris Time
These morning classes of 30′ are the perfect start into your day!

Deep Core & Cardio Pilates:
Tue/Thu 7PM Paris Time
These 60′ classes with surprising dynamics/flows (never do the same thing twice) adjusted to the level and energy of the participants… embrace the present moment!

Whatever happens… see you on your mat.

Just book your class by purchasing one (or 10) below. After this a window will open where you can let me know which day(s) you want to participate. I send you the links for the sessions and you’re all set up. We will do the online sessions with ZOOM! All you need is internet, a screen device and your mat! And always good to have: 2 Yoga Blocs and one Pilates Softball 22-26 cm ø... buy local! Your local sporting goods store will have them/order them/deliver them. Support local businesses ❤

Get one single morning flow online class à 30 min (tuesday/thursday evening 7 PM: 60 min = 2 units) for 8 € here*:

you can also purchase 10 online pilates classes (tuesday/thursday evening count as 2 classes each, as 60 min.) for 75 € here*:

Your Pilates Studio at Home ❤

For all online classes – personal privates or online pilates in groups – you can get some equipment. As we experience on-and-off lockdowns in nearly every country..(very realistically until end of May in the Northern Hemisphere… and then starting again around Oct/Nov 2021)…. it is time to create your studio at home. The lockdowns can be like a sabbatical with the unique opportunity to evolve into the best version of yourself. It is very important to support physical and mental health and wellbeing now – more than ever before.

Create your sacred space at home. Your mat, your equipment, maybe nice flowers, a candle. And then: a soft ball, 2 yoga blocks, weights (not more than 1.5 kg) and a blackroll… and you’re all set up! Ready for Pilates with Lola!

Live in-studio teaching/Unterricht im Studio

Wiedereröffnung nach über einem halben Jahr Lockdown!!!

Meine Lieben! Mizi (The Pilates Cat) und ich sind sehr glücklich, dass unser Studio wieder geöffnet sein darf. Unser erklärtes Ziel ist: nie wieder Lockdown. Deshalb bieten wir jetzt auch Fortbildungen für Erwachsene an. Wir sind jetzt sozusagen essentiell. Das wussten wir zwar schon vorher, aber nun ist es offiziell! Wenn Ihr mehr darüber erfahren möchtet, bzw eine Stunde im Studio oder Online reservieren möchtet, könnt Ihr das hier per Whatsapp tun!

Da wir das Hygieneprotokoll bzgl. Teilnehmerzahlen einhalten, bitten wir

• um vorherige Reservierung für Drop-In Classes

• bzw. ein unverbindliches Dauer-Abo, damit Dein Platz für Dich reserviert ist. Es sind noch ein paar wenige Plätze verfügbar!!!

Drop-In Class in Lola’s Space: 20 €*

10erKarte Lola’s Space im Studio: 150 €*

❤❤❤Danke an Alle! Wir haben es geschafft!!! The Magic of the Community!!! ❤❤❤

Semi – Private Classes with Lola

You can take private online classes with Lola! (80,- Euro/60 Minutes) Or, take a semi-private class with a friend! Each from their homes via ZOOM! (40,- Euro p.P/60 Minutes)

Workshops @ Lola’s⏬

Sunday morning 10 AM Paris Time @ Lola’s:
For the next available places please contact me directly
Workshop: How to deeply release Pain & Trauma through Body Work/Movement Therapy. Pain is just the signal. It is your guide and motivation for change and transformation. “Don’t kill the messenger”.
How to de-code the message?

Only very limited space available as we will guarantee enough sphere around everyone…
10-12 AM
30 €
Payment possible online here *:


We follow a strict protocol to minimize the risk of infection with covid19. We clean and disinfect the entire studio/mats/amenities before and after each class. As we space out the mats generously, the number of participants is limited. Please reserve your class! When you do have the slightest symptom of a cold, please stay at home and enjoy our online classes instead.

  • Reformer/Wall/Tower/Chair/Spine Corrector
  • Mat: Pilates Flow/Skillz/Restorative/All Levels
  • PaleoDance/integrate natural movement patterns and reduce tension/chronic pain
  • Tanztheater/creativity and presence
  • tanzimprovisation…
  • Workshops/Private Classes/Group Classes
as we follow a strict protocol regarding covid19, classes are 50 minutes to allow cleaning & disinfecting of the studio after and before each class.
reservation obligatory*. Please reserve here
the best bodywork i know. since 29 years. i am 56 and never felt better.
•post covid dance•
•new approaches•
•safe dance?•
•safe life?•
•killed by safety?•
•do not sneeze•
•kiss me NOT•
Of course you can also schedule Private Pilates classes with Lola – Online!

Twice a year I am organizing a retreat of re-alignment and re-generation in accordance with the phases of the moon. The MOON Detox: in 2021 in lola’s space AND online. (You can register here)

You plan to visit lola’s space? I am happy to hear from you. You can contact me directly here by whatsapp or email.

Find the current class schedule here

You can’t make it to Lola’s Space right now? No problem! Take online classes with me instead. No limits!

*Participation in any of my classes and programs is entirely at your own risk and responsibility.

Please note:

If you cannot make it for a reserved class, please cancel it at least 24 hours before the session starts –  otherwise it will be counted as a class you took. Please note that this 24 hour cancellation policy applies to all classes, private and group sessions.