12 Minutes of Pure Bliss…

Our 21st century lifestyle is torture for our beautiful hip joints.

If you suffer from pain in your joints, move them. And please, change your diet. Find out about your natural nutritional needs by doing an elimination diet or one cycle of moon detox. At least 50% of chronic pain and so-called menopause and age-related symptoms are purely related to your diet! Arthritis is – contrary to what most “experts” would tell you – a diet-caused disease. It takes between one week and several months to get symptom free.

The other 50% are exercise, sun, rest, fun, love.

This 12 Minute Hip Bliss will help you to release pain and stress.

Please write me a note and I will put you on the guest list to watch the full 12-Minutes-Sequence!

And of course, please let me know how it works for you!

Love 💖



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