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Aroma Therapy

What would the world be without olfaction? Smell enters our system in  a direct and immediate way, travels through space and time, through our memory. One smell tells a thousand stories.

Eternal research for the perfect perfume.... After decades of buying all kind of perfumes which had it nearly... I switched over to composing my own creations, each one a single event, to be never the same again ever... analogy to life experience!

It is an endless mysterious universe.

For the MOON detox, we create a synergy of a variety of experiences and physiological effects on our organism!

Make sure you get 100 % pure essential oils. Before using them, get familiar with their healing properties and possible side effects. They are essential and very powerful. If you have pets and/or small children, be either super careful and aware what you are doing or do not use essential oils. (And yes, this is Mizi The PilatesCat standing in between these perfume bottles…)

First Phase: Moroccan Cedarwood Oil. You can also add some Patchouli. Lifts the mood and helps to feel the support of Earth. Earthy warm energy! It gives spiritual strength and protects us. It relates to the 1st Chakra: survival, support, protection.

Second Phase: Juniper Oil. This oil helps us to transform the energy and emotions which will be released during the second phase. As the second phase is related to the liver, powerful emotions arise. Juniper is protective, transformative, uplifting and connects us with our source in times of trouble 😉

Third Phase: Neroli, or Rose Oil. These two precious oils connect with your heart. They open your heart and your soul for universal love.
It is all about the Source Energy, unconditional Love.

Fourth Phase: Frankincense Oil. The spiritual purifyer. You can also do a ritual using frankincense resin on a charcoal disc.
It cleanses your energetic field, and prepares for meditation and sacred ceremonies. It represents light. Perfect for phase IV

How to use them?
To clear the energy in your home and where you are you can use a diffuser, or these aroma lamps with a tealight candle. Several drops are enough. Please consider sensitivity in children and pets.

As perfume/brume:
For a spray flacon of 30 ml:
Mix equal parts alcohol with filtered water, add 30 drops of essential oil. Shake before each use.

You can use this brume in your home, or on yourself. Spray it on your wrist and inhale 5 times.

Perfume oil:
For a 10 ml bottle with drop-function:
8 ml almond or apricot oil
2 ml essential oil (=35 drops)

Several drops of this oil on your wrists, your solarplexus…

For Your Laundry:
You can perfume your laundry soap, or the soap nuts. Add 20 drops per machine.

More Powerful Essential Oils (during the MOON detox or just in daily life…) do not use any essential oils when you are pregnant/breastfeeding/having sensitive pets and children…. they are POWERFUL – ESSENTIAL!

Sage (Salvia Officinalis)
balances hormones, estrogen dominance, hot flashes during menopause…
recipe: 2 drops essential sage oil in 8 drops apricot or almond oil. rub on adrenals (just underneath the ribs on your back) twice a day.
relates to the 1st and 2nd chakra, survival, support and creation, as well to the 3rd chakra, personal power… therefore well for the phase I and II of the MOON detox…

Linaloe (Bursera Delpechiana)
Anti-Age Oil, mix one drop into your body and face product.
Anti-Stress: mix 2 drops into 10 drops almond or apricot oil, and apply to solar plexus and/or soles of your feet.
Relates to the 4th chakra, unconditional love, and 5th chakra, authenticity and truth, expression of self,  therefore very well for the phase III

If you need some pink glasses and some time off sitting on a cloud, mix 2 drops of uplifting grapefruit or mandarin essential oil into 8 drops of almond or apricot oil and rub into your wrists and chest… take 5 deep inhales from your wrists… and fly!

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