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Getting rid of Cellulite! Yes!

Scroll down for the wonderful 20-Minutes-Anti-Cellulite-Workout Video!

I know what I am talking about! I was diagnosed long time ago with subclinical hypothyroidism. Always feeling cold, I had edema in my face after waking up, was depressed quite often, and – yes, had cellulite! Over the years I became an expert in managing my cellulite. Pilates, Martial Arts, Dance were and are a true blessing.
But, I felt that something was still missing in this picture… my journey went on, and — oh wonder – I found out that I had estrogen dominance and low progesterone, which has in some ways similar symptoms as hypothyroidism… since then, I supplement with bioidentical progesterone, which helps as well to become PMS free and surf through perimenopause without the symptoms many women suffer from. I even heard that women (and men) who supplement with bioidentical progesterone, need less thyroid medication. If you are affected by thyroid problems, talk about it with your medical advisor.
Being in my 50s, my cellulite has quite vanished. It is possible!

But we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves, Ladies … go in the Louvre and admire the Beauties over the centuries… made immortal through art… sporting impressive – cellulite! Which doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of it. It is all a question of balance!

When you follow the MOON detox program, you automatically apply already most of the strategies to eliminate cellulite. But to REALLY get rid of it, you need to do all of this:

Skin Brush: Very effective if done twice a day – for lifetime! Brushing thickens your skin, which means, the fat and water bubbles have it harder to appear on the surface,  and it stimulates the lymph flow.

Exercise: Being outside, running, walking, biking, swimming. Oxygen and air are crucial!

Pilates and Yoga: releases tension in the deeper layers of our bodily tissues, and gets the energy flowing. Especially Pilates is my secret cellulite killer!



Lymph-Massage: Schedule an appointment with a massage therapist who is specialized in cellulite treatment. You can also learn to do it yourself!

Enzymes: Take enzymes before going to bed. Overnight they will clean your organism and reduce low-inflammation, one contributor of cellulite.

Vitamin C: 1000-3000 mg daily.

Minerals: Stardust, that’s what we are. Our bones, skin, hair, teeth need minerals  to be strong and beautiful.

The Magic Pill: the magic anti-cellulite pill contains centella asiatica, also known as gotu kola, quercetin, msm…

Gotu Kola: THE anti-cellulite herb. I buy the dried herb and prepare my own anti-cellulite products with it.

Anti Cellulite Body Oil:
Macerate dried centella herb during several weeks in pure brazil nut oil. Shake daily. Filter.

For a bottle of 100 ml:
80 ml centella macerate
20 ml calophyllum inophyllum seed oil
20 drops of essential mastic oil

Apply this oil daily massaging your cellulite-zones.  Also for the upper arms. Here as well, exercise is key. Muscles reduce the appearance of cellulite. You know, that even babies have cellulite, right? They have no muscles…

Gotu Kola Extract: fill a glass jar 1/2 full with dried gotu kola herb, fill up  the jar with alcohol (at least 50%). Let sit for several weeks. Shake frequently. Filter. Fill in a bottle with drop-function. Make a cure taking 3 times daily 30 drops in water. Repeat if necessary.

Iodine: there are quite a lot of misleading statements about iodine out there… I am not endorsing the new hype of taking mg instead of mcg. In my opinion you can ruin your thyroid completely with this. 300 to 500 mcg (micro-grams) are fine. If you have thyroid-related problems, check in with your medical advisor. I take kelp.

Breathing: Use your diaphragm properly. The Fire Breath tought in Yoga classes is an excellent exercise. Stimulates the lymph flow and sets your wonderful energy free!

Letting Go of negative Emotions: Free yourself from blockades, from deception and anger. Somebody told me long time ago that saddle bags are stored aggression that has not been expressed. I believe it! You can join my program Inspirational Bodywork where we explore the relationship between body and soul.

Hormones: they are so everywhere… they influence the way we think, feel, live, reproduce….and we can do a lot to balance and stimulate our hormonal production. It goes both ways, also our thoughts and life experiences have an influence on our hormonal system. Unfortunately, there are some recent changes in global environment, caused by petrochemical production and -use. It alters the hormonal balance of all species on earth. Everybody talks about climate change, but the skeleton in the cupboard – 100% man made! – is this one…

Overexposure to xenoestrogens leads to a whole rainbow of problems. Cellulite is only a tiny tip on the melting iceberg. Read about xenoestrogens (and their crucial influence on basically all forms of cancer, for example).

You can also inform yourself about the possibility of supplementing with bioidentical progesterone (NOT progestin, the one the doctors love to prescribe. Change doctor, if he tries!)

Food: Go raw, no sugar, no processed food!




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