MOON Detox ~ for Menopause

Hello Lovely 💕 This coming MOON Detox will be a Special for Menopause.

When we lose the natural moon rhythm, it is time to connect with MOON herself. She will take you on the ride and support your magical transition.

Experience the very nature of menopause, the art of letting go and becoming new again. Change. Be the surfer inmidst the waves of the ocean. Do not hold onto the past. Be here. Be open. Embrace the now.

What happens? Your brain rewires differently again, yes, quite like during puberty, those sneaky hormones… everything shifts.

Riding the by times tricky unpredictable waves…they bear the potential of an empowering adventure. Join the circle of wise women who enjoy the dynamic of the Years of Change! The essence, the magic of transformation! Embrace the change…. 

During this moon cycle we will ride one wave together. Reconnect with yourself and the process of transformation. Alchemy. Become the diamond you’ve always been. The Years of Change are a glorious occasion to transform – once again.

Share your wisdom and experience with the world. Do you know the mariposa? The butterfly woman? In her book “Women Who Run With The Wolves”, Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes about the “Butterfly Dancer”. The woman who pollinates her tribe with her wisdom, her visions and her ideas for the future.

This is you, my Dear.

We need some time to prepare this together. You can sign up already now. I will help you to get what you’ll need for this beautiful ride.

The Special Edition Menopause: As we’ll need some time to prepare this journey, we’ll start already March 26 to bond with the process! The cycle will be completed the following FULL MOON, April 30.

I designed a powerful program for every single day. Private solo LIVE classes, chats and calls will give you additional support during this experience!

It is important that you are currently not on synthetic hormones. Bioidentical hormones are ok.

More details/sign up here (registration open until March 26, 2018).