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MOON Detox – Herbal Tea Mix

Shopping List Herbal Tea MOON detox/Essential Oils Aromatherapy

(you can send this list to your herbal drug store and have the mixtures prepared by them!)

Phase I

15g Mint Leaves (Nanah Mint if available!)
15g Dandelion Leaves

Essential Oil: Moroccan Cedre Oil

Phase II

4g dried Ginger Root
4g Fennel Seed
4g Anise Seed
4g dried Licorice Root
4g dried Dandelion Root
4g dried Turmeric Root
4g dried Chicory Root

Essential Oil: Juniper

Phase III

30 g in total: 1 part dried Echinacea Root and 1 part Lapacho. 1 part means: Same VOLUME, not same weight. As the Lapacho is much lighter, it will likely be something like: 5 or 10 gr Lapacho and 20 or 25 gr Echinacea Root!

Essential Oil: Rose or Neroli

Phase IV

30 g in total: 1 part dried Ginger Root, 1 part dried Thyme and 1 part dried Horsetail. Same as for phase III: It is Volume-Parts!

Essential Oil: Frankincense (also as resin for charcoal rituals, if you like!)


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