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MOON detox – Questions and Answers




“I lost weight without trying it. The focus is not on the weight loss, it goes much deeper than that. Weight loss was just a logical consequence of living healthy”

“I did a blood test before and after, and my triglycerides declined 50% during the MOON detox! My doctor was not able to believe this!”

“my acid reflux is GONE”

“after having followed this detox, I noticed that my allergies had disappeared”

It is such a blessing to witness this!

what if… you could change your life in only 4 weeks?

well, try this program. give yourself these 4 intense weeks, experience what happens and surprise yourself with the result! each phase lasts one week, so stick with it, even if you have to skip your aunt’s birthday cake (not the birthday!!) this year.


what is the MOON detox?

this is a “multidimensional” profound transformation

on the physical level it is the path of toxins from inside out:

following the 4 phases of one moon cycle – each phase stretches over one week – we start with the digestive and urinary system, followed by the stimulation and support of liver and blood, in phase III we help our lymphatic system to improve its natural cleaning function… and during the last phase we drain the toxins out of our surface, through the air we exhale and through the pores of our skin.

simultaneously, this program creates energetically a wavelike horizontal movement following the cycle of life, mirroring also the cycle of the MOON:

phase I has a downward connection with earth. it is the phase of letting go on a basic, on a physical gravity of earth level.

phase II has an upward dynamic, which allows us to connect with our inner fire and the topic of transformation. it is about letting go, especially anger and emotions we blocked internally. This phase also connects us with our willpower, the way we get ‘things done’ and our inner strength.

phase III dives into the water energy. Tears, relationships, connections.

phase IV completes this cycle. we experience the inner and outer space, sacred space, fine-tuned perception, antennas. Openness, expanding awareness and center at the same time.

last but not least, there is a third movement happening: from the soles of our feet towards the crown of our head, and beyond. an inner wave! it touches the various aspects of our being. it follows our energy centers upward –  connecting and balancing energetically


when is the best moment for the MOON detox?

when you feel the time is right for you. some people believe it is difficult to follow this program having a busy (family) life. experience shows that this argument crumbles to ashes, when you are ready for it. the program is well designed to fit into everyday’s schedule. it is more efficient to change habits while you are in your REAL life and not in a protected space somewhere, where you come back and have no resources to integrate your new lifestyle at home. that’s why we do it during one whole MOON cycle. you need this time to integrate change. the majority of the participants of my very first cycle in 2013 changed their lifestyle until this present day.


what about gluten, food intolerance, allergies….?

no grain, no gluten.

histamine intolerance?

occurs mainly with cooked and processed food. make sure, you eat as fresh as possible. leave out your trigger-food, and you should be fine!

lactose intolerance?

no topic, as we do not consume dairy during this program.


our organism is complex and multidimensional. as we reduce the general inflammation in our system, allergies can even disappear! this doesn’t mean “leave your adrenalin pen at home”, no! but it can reduce hay fever and symptoms linked to pollution in the city, like sinusitis, just because your body increases its ability to powerfully eliminate toxins instead of only fighting with them without removing them properly! so far everyone who had allergies, was positively surprised.


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