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Natural Beauty

Sharing my favourite recipes for homemade hair and skin products:

Magic Hair Oil

This old ayurvedic recipe is the reason why my hair grew beyond its former boundaries…. without spliss!


100 g brazil nut oil
5 g amla powder
5 g urucum powder
5 g centella powder
5 g bhringaraj powder
5 g ashwagandha powder
5 g brahmi powder

for several weeks. Shake each time you think about it. Daily 😉

Filter and add 5 g ricinus oil.

You can apply it before you wash your hair doing a heavenly head and hair massage or/and use it daily as a tiny dose of awesomeness applying just some drops along the lower half of your mane, giving love to your long healthy hair, if you are crazy about having long and longer healthy beautiful hair:)!

The Wonder Cream

I started to make this cream about 3 months ago (we talk about being in Mai 2017 right now…) and since several weeks I get asked every single day by random people in the streets and in shops…which products I use for my skin! It is incredible… well, i do exactly the recipe as featured by aroma-zone, and add some lovely ingredients, and of course, my skin LOVES the MOON detox !!! A perfect blend!

I make the double quantity, as I use this magic cream for face and body…
Alltogether it will be 130g of cream. The quantities of the add-ons refer to the 130g.

At the very end of the preparation, I add the following ingredients, which are not included in the original recipe (I keep the original French names):

Acide hyaluronique 0.3 g
Poudre de perles d’eau 2 g
Bio-Remodelant 5 g
CollagÚne végétale 1 g
Elastine Booster 0.5 g
Cafféine 1 g
Resvératrol 1 g
Extrait de bourgeons de HĂȘtre 3 g

I am thrilled to hear about your experiences!
And no, I am not at all linked to aroma-zone, just a tremendously huge fan. They have as well essential oils, minerals, all ingredients for beauty and wellbeing. They ship worldwide.


this is homemade eyeshadow. Making your own make-up is sometimes pleasure, sometimes a surprise. Never the same, though. But while doing this, smelling the wax, the minerals, the oils… i reconnect with the pleasure humans always had preparing these secret recipes of beauty. It is this mĂ©lange of natural ingredients….

Black Oxide, Brown Oxide, Shea Butter, Finest Clay, Coconut Oil and Bees Wax. Heat, melt, mix and ready. I guess I have enough eye make-up for the next decade now. It feels fantastic, and it stays pretty much in place for hours! I cannot come up with any precise quantities, as I love experimenting!!

Hot Flash Honey

How beautiful, just when I prepared this pot, 2(!) bees came into my kitchen in the center of Paris and made sure I made it right… 

50 ml honey
20 drops essential salvia sclarea oil

Mix and take 1 teaspoon in the morning, one in the evening, in case of symptoms. Let me know how it works, please! To balance your hormones on a deeper level, consider doing one cycle of MOON detox. Works Wonders <3
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