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Especially during the MOON detox, we love the minerals. In a balanced natural way. Clay is the way!

Above you see the minerals and salts which are easily available and so important for our organism.

You can use them for body and hair, Rhassoul 7, Baking Soda 4, Green Clay 1 & 2, White Clay 3, Epsom Salt 5, Himalayan Salt 8, Unrefined Sea Salt 6.

White Clay is especially good when you have delicate and dry skin.

Epsom Salt is rich in Magnesium, you should soak in an Epsom Salt bath every week. It relaxes muscles and nerves, among many other benefits.

There is nothing like a clay bath:

White Clay à la Rose

500 g White Clay
100 ml Rose Water
Filtered Water

Mix in a bowl until cream-like consistency… you can either add this directly into the hot water and take your bath, or you can apply this mixture all over your body and face (not eyes) and leave it there 20 minutes before jumping in your bath tub with water as hot as tolerable. Soak there until temperature goes down. The clay will pull out toxins from your body. After you might feel slightly dizzy. Relax and drink some lovely tea!

Especially during the first week of the MOON detox we love the minerals. That’s Mama Earth!

Mint Tooth Paste

Mix equal parts of white or green clay powder with himalayan salt (powdered very fine) with TMC oil. Add some drops of essential mint oil.

This fluoride-free tooth paste remineralizes and nourishes your teeth. It repairs tiny beginning tooth decay. After brushing your teeth pull oil for several minutes.

Green Clay Drink

Dissolve a tea spoon full of MOON rocks – Green Clay 😉 – in a glass of filtered water.

Stir until the rock dissolves.

Let sit over night. The next morning drink only the water, not the clay!

A miracle cure for remineralization. Your skin and nails will tell you!

Do this as a cure for about 3 weeks. Twice a year. Especially during the MOON detox we simply love the minerals!

During the MOON detox or because you are living a low xenestrogenic healthy lifestyle… once you felt the difference you just don’t want to go back to ‘conventional’ – petrol based – products.

It is a common misconception that a pure lifestyle is costly. How much is this?

Bicarbonate Body Scrub

Baking Soda, Almond-, Avocado- or Apricot Oil. As much of each as needed to get a nice scrublike texture. Add 30 drops 100% pure essential frankincense oil for each 150 ml of scrub mix – enjoy. You do not need much, maybe 1 tablespoon per shower. Apply like a massage on humid skin, rinse immediately.

All these ingredients you’ll find in your organic health food store or online. My preferred source is aroma-zone.com

What is your favourite store for beauty and health? Tell me about it!

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