Parsnip-Catnip Winter Juice ❄

Catnip???? Yes, i got this beautiful plant originally for #mizithepilatescat – but he pretends it doesn’t exist. I found out that it is healthy for humans, too, and it means also: fresh herbs during wintertime. It tastes a little spicy, minty. Effect: Relaxing, anti-inflammatory. People with kidney or liver problems should not use it, however…



CatnipParsnip Winter Juice (serves 1)

1 carrot
1 apple (redskinned for hormonal balance)
2 parsnips
several leaves of salad
1 clove of garlic
1 small piece of ginger
2 branches of catnip

Juice all these. Sprinkle with nutmeg – and enjoy!

This warming winter juice helps to prevent colds.


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