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Some ideas how to improve and detox your life in general…

It is not about getting more things and products in order to create a clean lifestyle. First use what you already have. Getting new things seems often easier than letting go old ones. Don’t ask yourself, what you need, instead: ask yourself, what you do NOT need anymore. Isn’t there this secret conviction, that there is always something we need, that we never have enough, and even worse: that we never ARE enough without all these things? Next time when you ask yourself: What else do I need? replace your question with: What else can I just let go? During the MOON detox we will experience in the first phase (of four phases) the energy of letting go: habits, stuff, fat, unimportant situations….

Body & Care…

One reason why I first developed the first version of this detox over 5 years ago was my growing interest in our interaction with environment on a biological and chemical level. Once you dive into this fascinating topic, you will quickly find out, how inévitable your mind, your thoughts, your emotions are linked to the influences coming from chemical, hormonal – extremely subtle, you cannot see, smell, taste – sources. Basically everything interacts with everything, and food is only one of many factors.

When I started to experience the first signs of pre-menopause, I learned that a lot of our discomfort (and disease!) comes from overexposure to petrol-derived chemicals, so called xenoestrogens. I decided to experiment and do what I can to balance my hormones and health in natural ways.

If I would have known what I do now some decades ago, it would have saved me from many cycles of PMS and monthly crazyness. No, it is NOT normal to feel bad during certain days and around menopause. While i am surfing through these exciting changes, I feel better than ever before in my whole life!

Homemade Body and Brain Care without Xenoestrogens!

I simply love doing my own products, and am on constant research and improvement mode 🙂

Right now I am into “Centella & Ashwagandha”. We are cyclic organisms, and what was good yesterday, may be outdated today. So please just listen to your impulses. If you are not a DIY person, there are wonderful health stores, herboristéries… selling natural products and sharing their knowledge about plants and how to use them.

My favourite online shop for all you need to make your own cosmetics: They ship everywhere, site is in French, though.

The difference between store-bought cosmetics and homemade cosmetics is similar to eating canned food or fresh prepared food! It is DRAMATIC!

Homemade Foot Balm for extra dry feet. I plan to publish some of my recipes soon… until then please do not hesitate to ask me!!!

As each person needs specifically designed products, it is impossible to give recipes that work for all and everybody. Depending on what your personal reason for this detox is, we will find out what works best for you!

A natural way to remineralize your organism

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Your Home…

Does it make sense, to detox yourself, and to stay in a toxic environment? While some factors you cannot really change, like the air quality of your city… did I just write that? Use your bike, your wonderful legs and public transports. Especially with new convenient cab variations everywhere nobody really needs a car in the city, so yes, better air quality around you starts with YOU….besides that, you can do A LOT more to improve the quality of life for yourself and your beloved ones. Start at home!

Did you ever think about using Soap Nuts? I use them for EVERYTHING. Laundry, dishes, floors, bathroom.

Laundry: 5 nuts into the tiny cotton bag, that comes usually with them for exactly that purpose. I perfume them with some drops of delicious Moroccan Ceder Oil. You can reuse the same nuts 3 to 6 times.

Soap: 10 nuts in 1 l cold filtered water. Heat and let boil about 15 minutes, let cool down, fill the fluid in a glass jar (throw in this case the nuts away) store in the fridge and use within 10 days. As well, i like to perfume with some essential oil, lemon and mint for example. This soap is my universal household and dish cleaner.

Is it possible to grow the soap tree in Europe or the United States? Would be an important step to reduce the xenoestrogenic burden, that comes with conventional household products.

Oh, this is fantastic! You can grow them anywhere in frost-free climate, and they get so huge that one tree is probably enough for the whole community! It needs a lot of water, and the holistic permacultural approach suggests to use the greywater from the washing machine (using soap nuts, of course) to water it! Excellent!

For windows, mirrors and so on: vinegar and some 90% alcohol in water, plain and simple.

Air: Everybody who lives in a polluted metropolitan area, should have a private jungle in the living room! The plants filter and purify your air! In case of Beijing-like pollution, consider installing an air filter system for your home.

Water: Please, never buy bottled water again. This is such an evil publicity, getting the people to believe they have to buy bottled water. A huge industry hoax. In general, tap water is monitored more strictly than bottled water. Plus, you can either have your water filter for the water you drink and use for cooking, or you can install a water purification system for all the water you use, bathing and showering included. This is the perfect solution! If you have seen the CONTINENTS of plastic garbage spiraling on and in the oceans (no joke,they have the size of continents now!!!) you will never be willing to use one single item of plastic ever again. That should be one of the goals for 2018 for you! For everybody!

Truly amazing, now you can get these super light biological cotton bags! You can wash and re-use endless times! Use them instead of the plastic or paper bags for your fruits and veggies in stores and farmer’s markets!

In case of your community puts fluoride into your water, initiate a movement within the community to stop it!

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