What an interesting challenge, my mission to teach about alignment, inner strength and being in the present moment!

To be honest, mostly I really love it. Sometimes I need to learn to lean back and just give the comfort zone to myself, allowing it to happen. But this is part of my story, and I am learning more and more how to let it be smooth and more relaxed.

It seems, though, life has always some new high (which can also be a painful and life-lesson teaching low…) on the road. Some new milestone to make you remember why you do what you do.

Many steps on my path were new beginnings. A lot of starts “at zero”. From an early age on I had to swim for my life, otherwise i would have drowned miserably. So I learned to dance on the volcano. To rely on my intuition and my own skills. To take risks and to live in the now. It gave me the gift of improvisation, which is great for teaching classes and creating dances!

And something miraculously began to change: I no longer need to start each time at point zero, whenever I change the direction of my life. I walk my path, and my experience, my qualities, my life-energy, they walk with me. It flows instantly. My path just continues and finds the most fascinating turns and twists. Serendipity. I am very grateful for this uplifting experience.

So, this as well, is alignment. To become who you truly are, to be flexible yet strong, to continue, to flourish wherever you are. It feels tremendously good. Yes, I know why I do, what I do. Each wonderful moment.

And what has all this to do with the upcoming online workshop? Well, everything is connected. Your physical alignment supports mental and emotional clarity, and an overall “inner alignment”. A hightened awareness about the present moment, and your response to it. Alignment also helps you to let go of trauma and tension of the past trapped in your physical body.

Improve your quality of life fundamentally by aligning yourself naturally from within.

>>>Online workshop about natural alignment with Lola<<<

8 modules à 30 minutes.
Only 6 places available, as we will do individual adjustments.

Find out how you can align yourself NOW as a powerful prevention of pain and degenerative tissue damage in later years.

We will start tuesday, sep 17 and continue daily until tuesday 24th incl.

The schedule will be set to match everyone’s time zone as much as possible! You will need a tablet/laptop and internet access, that’s all!
It will be 100 euros for the entire workshop.

Sign up here, either by whatsapp or email.

Happy to see you