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Chlorophyll = Sun Energy!

Your organism uses it to improve red blood cells, to fight inflammation, as energy boost to stimulate your immune system. While there are many chlorophyll sources commercially available (processed, dried, carried around the planet using petrol, chemicals and plastic packaging….) look around. What do you see? Grass… Leaves… Get them!

First get smart about the edible ones. And then: dive in.

my today’s harvest: grass and leaves from the linden tree of my sacred ritual place.

As some tree leaves, and especially longer grass, are not well digestible, or not at all, I like to prepare fresh chlorophyll extract which I add to my smoothies.

It is easy: juice the leaves and grass. The chlorophyll will remain as a gel in the juicer, and you can remove it with a spoon. It is NOT the fiber!

Recipe (serves 1):

1 teaspoon fresh chlorophyll extract from:
1 handful of linden or wine leaves
1 handful of untreated organic grass from the lawn
1 handful of berries
1 organic banana
water or raw almond milk

Mix all and enjoy as first meal of the day after your yoga class or during your lunch break.

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