Pilates with Lola

Pilates with Lola

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Inspirational Bodywork with Lola

Hello and Welcome to Inspirational Bodywork.

This interactive program is adapting to YOU!

You’ll start with the first exercise and walk your path from there. No joke – you’ll have an infinite number of programs available, as it is yourself who designs the program while you do it.

You’ll walk the walk.

If you want to join the program, please checkout through the button below! You’ll get access within the next hour!*

You can cancel anytime!

  • Option 20€ per month: free access to the complete program.


  • Option 50€ per month: free access to the complete program PLUS one personal 30 min. online class with Lola per month!

*as usual, you are responsible for yourself while participating in any of Lola’s classes and programs. If you have health issues, please check with your medical advisor.

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