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the next MOON Detox will start March 7, 2023!!! 

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  • guided step by step program for each and every day
  • Daily step by step dietary guidelines and recipes
  • Body Awareness
  • Pilates and mindful BodyWork – new workouts every day, videos.
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Visualizations
  • Guided Meditations

MOON Detox for 150 Euro … voilà ♥*

*Legal Disclaimer: Upon registration you agree that Participation in any of Lola’s classes and programs is entirely at your own risk and responsibility.

My first MOON Detox group joined me in 2012. Until today they integrate what supports their health into their everyday life ~ what a wonderful journey.

my story with moon… looking back I realize that MOON has always been a driving force behind my creative adventures. I named my daughter after a moon fairy 35 years ago and my first dance improvisations were prayers inspired by moon. each tuesday, I took the train from paris to london to study the magical relationship between women and MOON and its role in the creation of human society and culture, lectured by the one and only Chris Knight, anthropologist UC London (if you want to dive in, please read his book: blood relations)…and until this day I continue to celebrate each full moon with a session of expressive devotional dance.

the MOON detox is honoring our connection with universe, with everything around us. it is my contribution into remembering who we are and how we can exist without depleting and destroying life on our wonderful planet. MOON has been crucial in the creation of our culture. it is not just “one more light in the sky” as some may perceive it, especially those living in urban areas. we lost connection in so many ways. by doing one cycle of MOON detox, you will reconnect again, not only with the MOON rhythm but with the rhythm of universe, of the oceans, of all living cells on this planet.

You ultimately reconnect with yourself.   

You experience letting go in your natural pace while simoultaneously creating space for what really matters to you.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.

C.G. Jung

Reconnect with your true nature: experience the natural cycle of letting go and re-emerging into the light… in the flow, surfing the endless wave of life.

In synchronicity with the phases of the moon this exciting journey – a true safari within yourself! – will lead you through four phases: digestive system (earth related), liver and blood (fire related), lymphatic system (water related), skin and breath (air related). Simultaneously we will purify and activate our life energy ascending from earth into the sky spiraling upwards.

This MOON cycle will change your life!

Reset to be fully present, to be in your best possible shape ever, and to vibrate and resonate with your strongest energy!

Longterm effect of the MOON detox:

One MOON cycle’s duration – from this coming Full Moon to the following Full Moon – allows you to let go of habits which do not serve you any longer! This MOON provides the sacred space that you need for deep transformation.

Some of the visible effects…

  • weight loss
  • beautiful glow and skin improvement
  • increase of strength and flexibility
  • move with grace and ease

Some effects you’ll joyfully experience within several weeks…

  • reduction of low inflammation (manifested often in so called auto-immune disease, in rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain syndromes)
  • increase of stress resilience
  • increase of energy in general
  • hormonal balance: for women AND men!
  • reduction or elimination of pms and menopause symptoms

Some of the psychological effects: 

  • emotionally balanced (after the second/third week)
  • brain fog disappears
  • relaxed in stressful situations
  • calm and clear
  • shining – inside and out.

And it doesn’t stop here: this powerful moon cycle will continue its effect for the rest of your life. You will be profoundly changed – for the better and for good.

Daily step by step guided version:
we evolve and transform in tune with the cycle of the moon

Food for your body, food for your soul:
recipes, body work and guided meditations!


“I lost weight without trying it. The focus is not on the weight loss, it goes much deeper than that. Weight loss was just a logical consequence of living healthy”

“For quite a long time I experienced pain in my joints, especially fingers, elbows and shoulders. In the morning I could barely move. Now this pain has completely vanished!”

“I did a blood test before and after, and my triglycerides declined 50% during the MOON detox! My doctor was not able to believe this!”

“my acid reflux is GONE”

“after having followed this detox, I noticed that my allergies had disappeared”

It is such a blessing to witness this!

What if… you could change your life in only 4 weeks?

Well, try this program. Give yourself these 4 intense weeks, experience what happens and surprise yourself with the result! You go with the flow of transformation, even if this means to skip your aunt’s birthday cake (not the birthday!!) this year.

What is the MOON detox?

this is a multidimensional profound transformation allowing our organism to reset into its natural functionality – and beyond.

On the physical level it is the path of toxins from inside out:

Following the 4 phases of one moon cycle – each phase stretches over one week – it starts with the digestive and urinary system, followed by the stimulation and support of liver and blood, in phase III we help our lymphatic system to improve its natural cleaning function… and during the last phase we drain the toxins out of our surface, through the air we exhale and through the pores of our skin. We start in the core and move on layer by layer.

Simultaneously, this program creates energetically a wavelike horizontal movement following the cycle of life, mirroring also the cycle of the MOON:

phase I has a downward connection with earth. it is the phase of letting go on a basic, on a physical gravity of earth level.

phase II has an upward dynamic, which allows us to connect with our inner fire and the topic of transformation. it is about letting go, especially anger and emotions we blocked internally. This phase also connects us with our willpower, the way we get ‘things done’ and our inner strength.

phase III dives into the water energy. Tears, relationships, connections.

phase IV completes this cycle. we experience the inner and outer space, sacred space, fine-tuned perception, antennas. Openness, expanding awareness and center at the same time.

Last but not least, there is a third movement happening: from the soles of our feet towards the crown of our head, and beyond. an inner wave! it touches the various aspects of our being. it follows our energy centers upward –  connecting and balancing energetically

When is the best moment for the MOON detox?

When you feel the time is right for you. some people believe it is difficult to follow this program having a busy (family) life. experience shows that this argument crumbles to ashes, when you are ready for it. the program is well designed to fit into everyday’s schedule. it is more efficient to change habits while you are in your REAL life and not in a protected space somewhere, where you come back and have no resources to integrate your new lifestyle at home. that’s why we do it during one whole MOON cycle. you need this time to integrate change. the majority of the participants of my very first cycle in 2013 changed their lifestyle until this present day.

What about gluten, food intolerance, allergies….?

no grain, no gluten.

Histamine intolerance?

occurs mainly with cooked and processed food. make sure, you eat as fresh as possible. leave out your trigger-food, and you should be fine!

Lactose intolerance?

no topic, as we do not consume dairy during this program.


our organism is complex and multidimensional. as we reduce the general inflammation in our system, allergies can even disappear! this doesn’t mean “leave your adrenalin pen at home”, no! but it can reduce hay fever and symptoms linked to pollution in the city, like sinusitis, just because your body has finally the capacity to eliminate toxins and heal inflamed bodily tissues instead of being busy fighting trigger food and reacting to its ingredients. So far everyone who had allergies, was positively surprised.

Moon Detox*

*Legal Disclaimer: Upon registration you agree that Participation in any of Lola’s classes and programs is entirely at your own risk and responsibility.

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