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Natural Intuitive Supplementation

*for all of the below: before you take anything, get smart, ask your medical advisor, inform yourself on the product. Know what you do before doing it!

Be it with Inspirational BodyWork, MOON detox or life in general: my idea of growth and personal development is to connect on a deep level with ourselves and the wisdom that comes with it. A wisdom that is older than our days on this planet. A wisdom that survived on a cellular level in each organism, a wisdom that ultimately connects us all with our species, our planet and universe. Dive in!

The path goes from our learned patterns of trusting someone else more than ourselves (for example: we go to the doctor to ask him whether we are sick or not…; we need laws established by someone else to prevent us from doing harm to ourselves or others…). While all this makes sense while we are still children and new to this world, to listen to experienced elders and authorities, there is some moment where we have to step up and grow. Who can tell you what is really good for you than yourself? Who else is in your body, in your head, to tell you, what you really need? As long as you will seek for the answer by somebody else, you will not find the one you are looking for.

When you are new to something – in this case: healthy supplementatation – of course your first and necessary step is, to inform yourself about your choices, and the possible effects on your body. But here we are already: what might be good for even 99% of people, might be not a good idea for 1%. That is why you listen to yourself. Your reaction upon seeing, smelling, tasting something, your evaluation about the possible side effects, about the possible positive effects on your organism… before ingesting something, get smart! And connect your smartness with the wisdom of your organism. And here we are: the natural, intuitive supplementation. This goes for basically everything, by the way.

Basics: if these are not yet a staple in your supplementation routine, let them in

Vitamin C


Omega 3 Fish Oil

If you have no thyroid problem: Kelp

As our organism moves in cycles I recommend to establish a cyclic supplement routine. Do not take anything EVERY DAY. Take your supplements for several weeks, then stop one or several supplements for some days or even weeks, and start again. This is already the beginning of the intuitive part. When you cannot stand the smell or taste of a supplement, do not take it, or make a pause until your perception changes again.

For the MOON detox, take it several steps further…

If you want to keep it super simple, you can just buy those wonderful plant extracts ready to swallow in capsules or else… but to connect with your intuitive perception, I recommend to get the powders and to play with them. You can stick your nose into them, taste them, see their colour and decide on your cellular level, whether you want to ingest them. A capsule you just swallow – without letting your perception really kick in…. not a good idea, as your organism will have to deal with it then. I give you some recommendations here, but there are so many great plants out there, that it would fill a bible and still not be even remote a complete list… Scroll down for the recipe of the detox power honey!

Turmeric Root

Turmeric is a magic remedy. Pain killer, anti-diabetes, anti-arthritis, anti-bad-cholesterol, anti-depressant, anti-coagulant…

Centella Asiatica

Repairs damages tissue, even nerve tissue. The only herb that really helps with cellulite and saddlebags.

Milk Thistle

Liver healer, regenerates your liver!


Adaptogen, regenerates, adrenal support! Supports clear thinking! Helps to get restful sleep!


Chlorophyll, detoxifyer, helps against allergies.

Gingko Biloba

Improves circulation, protects the nerves. Good for brain and memory. Balances emotionally.


Remineralizes, Silicium. Helps to eliminate toxins.


rich in iron, carotene, protein. Helps to strengthen your organism in times of stress and physical challenge.


Mental support. Concentration, memory, energy flow!

Power Regenerative Honey by Lola

For a jar of 500 ml

300 ml liquid honey (acacia or orange blossom, for example)
25 g Spirulina powder
25 g Turmeric powder
25 g Gingko Biloba powder
25 g Ashwagandha powder

Mix with a wooden spoon until completely homogenic. It will become a spongy-like actually good tasting power mix, easy to take in the morning, or any other moment, like a bonbon, or to incorporate into your smoothies or salad dressing.

Thus you will ingest around 3000 mg of healing plants per day (if you take one or two teaspoons daily) which means, it equals many capsules of the same stuff, in much better quality, as pure!

Please keep this precious powermix in your refrigerator. It will be good throughout this MOON cycle!

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