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Online Classes – technical Support

Hi and thank you for checking by!

Yes, i love this wonderful new possibility of teaching online. Technology gets better and really convenient.

What can you do to enjoy it even more?

🌼 You will receive a link for joining our class per email. In case you did not yet give me your email address please send it to me per whatsapp button on this screen, so I can send you the link with the invitation for our session. In case you do not yet have the app ZOOM on your device, the link i send per email will give you the option to download it.

Important: your email must be the one you use for your ZOOM login.

🌼 Once you have ZOOM on the device (=the one you will use for the class), play around with it to get familiar with it. You can start a meeting, invite people to join you, and find out about the settings for sound and video. When you start your own meeting (with yourself), you see how you appear on screen, and you can adjust the position of the device, the position of your mat and yourself and the intensity and angle of light until you are satisfied with the result.

🌼 For our sessions for example it is important that I can see you on your mat. Place first your mat, and then adjust the camera/device distance/angle accordingly

A tuturial how to create a zoom meeting with yourself: (This allows you to see yourself how I will see you during our session. You can do this setup with yourself conveniently just moments before we start our session, so we can dive right in;)

🌼 Audio can be improved, for both of us, when you wear a small one-ear plus micro bluetooth set instead of talking to the device over the distance.

For the 30 min/10€ online pilates you do not need a headset, as we will chat before the class briefly and then it will be enough if you can hear me through your tablet/laptop. As this one is a group session, i will switch off the microphones of the participants unless we do some voice gathering together 🙂 which can happen through your device!

This is my bluetooth set. At amazon France you can check it out here. amazon USA and amazon Germany. i plug only one bud into my ear – the right one near the micro – to keep the micro in the ideal position throughout the class and curl the other one around my shoulder straps or into the hair-do of the day… I am sure, there are way more sophisticated single-sided earbuds which come with a kind of wired micro (just think about madonna in her performances…).

🌼 In private classes we can do a trick: we use whatsapp simultaneously per smartphone. In this case, you want to connect the bluetooth audio/micro device to your smartphone and enjoy the zoom session on your screen, optional with or without audio. I keep it on.

🌼 Super important: Close all other applications and programs, this will improve streaming quality.

List in progress… to get the real magic of new technology 💕

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