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Pilates with Lola

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Inspirational BodyWork


Not how you move… what moves you! (Pina Bausch)

Inspiration for Body and Mind.

Increase your quality of life through inspirational bodywork.

Having a busy challenging lifestyle and being in great shape is not a contradiction!

You have a variety of options to work with me and to enjoy this playful yet highly efficient approach to intelligent bodywork:

🌼1st Option: online LIVE mat classes. how much fun is this? I give 3 times a week online classes. We do them Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week. Depending on your time zone, they take place in the evening (Europe) or in the morning (United States). Let’s get connected and have fun. You find them here 

🌼2nd Option: One-to-one online Pilates Classes with me.

🌼3rd Option: Once or twice a year I recommend doing the MOON detox. The perfect reset button… Regenerate! Rejuvenate!

🌼4th Option: not online – but REALLY in the same place. Together. Attend my workshops or schedule your personal training with me. Contact me to make a plan


I am happy to hear from you!


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