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Plants are our companions since the very beginning. Ancient recipes survived thousands of years due to their healing properties.

For the MOON detox herbs and roots help us to eliminate toxins and to build up new strength. They balance our organism on many subtle levels. Please check whether you suffer from allergies or other intolerances before using herbal remedies. They are as powerful as any other medication. Sometimes they interfere, so please check especially when you take other medication for cross-reactivity.

I will only list the herbs relevant to the MOON detox. I recommend getting a plant bible relevant for the place you live and to connect yourself with the wisdom of nature.

Please scroll down for the shopping list of herbal tea for the duration of the MOON detox!

Phase I

Mint Leaves

Promotes digestion. Soothes inflammation in the digestive tract. It also helps to calm down headache, which can occur sometimes during the first week due to the changes of food intake, especially the intermittent fasting.

Dandelion Leaves

They are rich in minerals, and help cleansing the organism. They stimulate the production of insulin from the pancreas and are beneficial against diabetes. As a diuretic, it helps to flush out excess sugar that is stored in the body. Dandelion fights against free radicals and helps to restore cell damage.

Phase II

Ginger Root

Helps to fight inflammation and infections. Stimulates our immune defense, helps to absorb nutrients.

Fennel Seed

Increases courage and inner strength (important for phase II), fights free radicals, beneficial for heart rate, blood pressure.

Anise Seed

Hormonal balance, respiratory tract.

Licorice Root

Hormonal balance, upper body, enhances the effect of other herbs, digestive support, immune support, adrenal support, pms and menopausal support.

Dandelion Root

Beneficial for Liver and Gallbladder.

Turmeric Root

Turmeric root is a true magic remedy. Pain killer, anti-diabetes drug, anti-arthritis, anti-cholesterol, anti-depressant, anti-coagulant…. I find it very important to take in daily life, so please check out the Turmeric Honey !

Chicory Root

Anti Diabetic, stress-reducer, liver-support.

Phase III


Anti-Aging, Reduces infection and edema.


Immune system, lymphatic system cleanser.

Phase IV

Ginger Root (see above)


Voice, throat, mood.


Bones, hair, skin, teeth….

Other plants to use during the detox


Very potent root for menopause, adrenal fatigue and depression. As it boosts brain and energy, there are some counter-indications, like bipolar disorder and maniac depression. Allover, i highly recommend it in case of loss of motivation and fatigue syndrome!

Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Desinfectant, respiratory tract, heart, dental hygiene, diuretic.

Centella Asiatica

Repaires damaged tissue, even nerve tissue. Only herb that really helps with cellulite and saddlebags.

Milk Thistle

liver healer, regenerates your liver!


Adaptogen, helps your organism to regenerate, especially when you feel exhausted. Adrenal support!

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